About us

PetGut is a specialty store for pets and pet lovers. Our main product is the infamous "StickyPet" which allows you to take perfect shots of your beloved four-legged friends.

We tried everything we could to get our pets' attention and realized how difficult it was to get that perfect shot. Never did our pets look where we wanted them to. So we had to manage to get their full attention towards the camera.

The pets ignored our calls and ran away as soon as they saw the phone, but they never ignored their favorite treats or toys. And that's how our StickyPet smartphone attachment came to be.

StickyPet can be used for pets of all kinds: Dogs, cats, reptiles, pigs, birds, ferrets... the list goes on. Just clip on your favorite food or toy and you're good to go!

We are passionate about our pets and strive to provide you and your pets with the best products and service. Our pets are our best friends and we want to help you capture the best moments!